Mixed Bag of Thoughts

Change is slapping me in the face harder than it ever has. The status of my life has done a complete 180, and I’m exhausted. I look at what’s going on with family and friends and, surprisingly, don’t feel left behind. My woes pale in comparison to theirs. So done with the wallowing. So done with getting caught in the middle of the woes of others…especially when I can do nothing to help. Time to take mom’s advice, despite the irritaiton her nagging brings. Let god handle things on ‘HIS’ end and do my part by taking better care of this body, soul, and mind before I totally lose it. My dreams are still in tact. I have the time…best use it.

Changing the subject….I LOVE POLYVORE, PINTERST, and WANELO!!!
Fashion nut that I am, It was refreshing to find an outlet for my creative ideas of putting together clothes and accessories tha not only would i want to wear, but that also gives spark to others who share my interests. I can keep up with trends and they influence the creativity of my own designs (currently just on paper right now).
On Pinterst I’ve found several new artists and pinned a few that I think people should know about. It’s just fun, overall, to find websites that are more in tune with creativity. I may be inclined to share some of my artwork here soon….maybe even today. Stay tuned bloggers!! =^_^=

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